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5 de maio de 2013

Calendário da Semana - 05/05/2013 até 12/05/2013

Série Episódio Nome Episódio Data
Masterpiece Theatre 43x13 Mr. Selfridge: (Part 6) 5/5/2013
The Cleveland Show 4x19 Of Lice and Men 5/5/2013
Bob's Burgers 3x22 Carpe Museum 5/5/2013
Once Upon A Time 2x21 Second Star To The Right 5/5/2013
Family Guy 11x19 Save the Clam 5/5/2013
The Mentalist 5x22 Red John's Rules 5/5/2013
American Dad 8x17 Lost in Space 5/5/2013
Red Widow 1x08 The Hit 5/5/2013
Game of Thrones 3x06 The Climb 5/5/2013
Saint Seiya: Omega 2x05 TBA 5/5/2013
Hunter X Hunter (2011) 1x78 Rapid X Breeding 5/5/2013
One Piece 16x16 Formation! The Pirate Alliance Luffy-Law! 5/5/2013
Mad Men 6x06 TBA 5/5/2013
The Simpsons 24x19 Whiskey Business 5/5/2013
The Borgias 3x04 The Banquet of Chestnuts 5/5/2013
Nurse Jackie 5x04 Lost Girls 5/5/2013
Veep 2x04 The Vic Allen Dinner 5/5/2013
Continuum 2x03 Second Thoughts 5/5/2013
The Amazing Race 22x11 TBA 5/5/2013
The Amazing Race 22x12 TBA 5/5/2013
Revenge 2x20 Engagement 5/5/2013
Army Wives 7x09 Blood and Treasure 5/5/2013
The Village 1x06 Episode 6 5/5/2013
Toriko 1x103 Gasshoichirei! Bishoku Ningen Kokuho Chinchinchin Tojo! ! 5/5/2013
The Client List 2x09 Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy 5/5/2013
Dog With a Blog 1x14 Crimes of the Art World 5/5/2013
Shingeki no Kyojin 1x05 First Battle 5/5/2013
Carrossel (2012) 1x251 Capítulo 251 6/5/2013
Rules of Engagement 7x12 A Wee Problem 6/5/2013
How I Met Your Mother 8x23 Something Old 6/5/2013
Grachi 3x46 Episode 46 6/5/2013
Castle 5x23 The Human Factor 6/5/2013
Conan 3x77 TBA 6/5/2013
The Real Housewives of Orange County 8x06 A Star Is Reborn? 6/5/2013
The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x20 TBA 6/5/2013
Mike and Molly 3x21 Molly's Out of Town 6/5/2013
Two Broke Girls 2x23 And the Tip Slip 6/5/2013
Hawaii Five-0 3x22 Ho'opio 6/5/2013
Defiance 1x04 A Well Respected Man 6/5/2013
Revolution 1x16 TBA 6/5/2013
90210 5x21 Scandal Royale 6/5/2013
The Big C 4x02 You Can't Take It With You 6/5/2013
Adventure Time 5x19 BMO Lost 6/5/2013
Bates Motel 1x08 A Boy and His Dog 6/5/2013
The Voice 4x14 The Live Playoffs (1) 6/5/2013
Rectify 1x04 Plato's Cave 6/5/2013
Copa Hotel 1x03 TBA 6/5/2013
Vicious 1x02 Episode 2 6/5/2013
Carrossel (2012) 1x252 Capítulo 252 7/5/2013
Louco por Elas 3x16 TBA 7/5/2013
Let's Stay Together 3x07 TBA 7/5/2013
Grachi 3x47 Episode 47 7/5/2013
Conan 3x78 TBA 7/5/2013
The Mindy Project 1x23 Frat Party 7/5/2013
Grimm 2x20 Kiss of the Muse 7/5/2013
NCIS 10x23 Double Blind 7/5/2013
Body of Proof 3x11 Dark City 7/5/2013
New Girl 2x24 Winston's Birthday Party (Part I) 7/5/2013
NCIS: Los Angeles 4x23 Parley 7/5/2013
Hart Of Dixie 2x22 On the Road Again 7/5/2013
Golden Boy 1x12 Beast of Burden 7/5/2013
Awkward 3x05 TBA 7/5/2013
O Mundo Segundo os Brasileiros 3x17 TBA 7/5/2013
The Voice 4x15 The Live Playoffs (2) 7/5/2013
Hell's Kitchen 11x10 12 Chefs Compete 7/5/2013
Carrossel (2012) 1x253 Capítulo 253 8/5/2013
Grachi 3x48 Episode 48 8/5/2013
Arrow 1x22 Darkness on the Edge of Town 8/5/2013
American Idol 12x34 Finalists Compete 8/5/2013
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone 1x51 TBA 8/5/2013
Criminal Minds 8x21 Nanny Dearest 8/5/2013
Chicago Fire 1x22 Leaders Lead 8/5/2013
CSI 13x21 TBA 8/5/2013
The Middle 4x22 Hallelujah Hoedown 8/5/2013
Conan 3x79 TBA 8/5/2013
Modern Family 4x22 My Hero 8/5/2013
Nashville 1x19 Why Don't You Love Me 8/5/2013
Survivor (US) 26x13 TBA 8/5/2013
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 14x22 Poisoned Motive 8/5/2013
Psych 7x11 Office SPACE 8/5/2013
Supernatural 8x22 Clip Show 8/5/2013
Adorável Psicose 4x06 TBA 8/5/2013
How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) 1x06 How to Fix Up Your Ex 8/5/2013
The Voice 4x16 The Live Playoffs (3) 8/5/2013
Rogue 1x07 Where the WIld Things Are 8/5/2013
Carrossel (2012) 1x254 Capítulo 254 9/5/2013
Pé na Cova 1x16 TBA 9/5/2013
Grachi 3x49 Episode 49 9/5/2013
American Idol 12x35 Results Show 9/5/2013
Conan 3x80 TBA 9/5/2013
Community 4x13 Advanced Introduction to Finality 9/5/2013
The Office 9x22 TBA 9/5/2013
The Office 9x23 TBA 9/5/2013
Men At Work 2x06 Tyler the Pioneer 9/5/2013
Two And a Half Men 10x23 Cows, Prepare To Be Tipped 9/5/2013
The Big Bang Theory 6x23 The Love Spell Potential 9/5/2013
Elementary 1x22 Risk Management 9/5/2013
Scandal 2x21 TBA 9/5/2013
Grey's Anatomy 9x23 Readiness Is All 9/5/2013
Person of Interest 2x22 God Mode 9/5/2013
Hannibal 1x07 Sorbet 9/5/2013
Glee 4x22 All or Nothing 9/5/2013
Beauty and The Beast 1x21 Date Night 9/5/2013
The Vampire Diaries 4x22 The Walking Dead 9/5/2013
Naruto Shippuuden 12x70 The Old Man and the Dragon's Eye 9/5/2013
Anger Management 2x17 Charlie Lets Kate Take Charge 9/5/2013
Carrossel (2012) 1x255 Capítulo 255 10/5/2013
The Graham Norton Show 13x06 TBA 10/5/2013
Grachi 3x50 Episode 50 10/5/2013
Nikita 3x21 Invisible Hand 10/5/2013
Vegas 1x21 Sons of Nevada 10/5/2013
Fashion Star 2x10 TBA 10/5/2013
Blue Bloods 3x23 This Way Out 10/5/2013
Da Vinci's Demons 1x05 The Tower 10/5/2013
Law and Order: UK 7x02 Tremors 10/5/2013
Touch 2x13 Leviathan 10/5/2013
Checkpoint 1x48 Save 048 10/5/2013
Little Busters 1x31 TBA 11/5/2013
Smash 2x15 The Transfer 11/5/2013
Doctor Who 7x12 Nightmare in Silver 11/5/2013
Case Closed 22x17 The Window of the Girls Academy 11/5/2013
Orphan Black 1x07 Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner 11/5/2013
Masterpiece Theatre 43x14 Mr. Selfridge: (Part 7) 12/5/2013
The Cleveland Show 4x20 Mr. & Mrs. Brown 12/5/2013
Bob's Burgers 3x23 The Unnatural 12/5/2013
Once Upon A Time 2x22 And Straight On 'Til Morning 12/5/2013
Family Guy 11x20 Farmer Guy 12/5/2013
American Dad 8x18 Da Flippity Flop 12/5/2013
Game of Thrones 3x07 The Bear and the Maiden Fair 12/5/2013
Saint Seiya: Omega 2x06 TBA 12/5/2013
Hunter X Hunter (2011) 1x79 TBA 12/5/2013
One Piece 16x17 TBA 12/5/2013
Mad Men 6x07 TBA 12/5/2013
The Simpsons 24x20 Fabulous Faker Boy 12/5/2013
The Borgias 3x05 The Wolf and the Lamb 12/5/2013
Nurse Jackie 5x05 Good Thing 12/5/2013
Veep 2x05 Helsinki 12/5/2013
Continuum 2x04 TBA 12/5/2013
Survivor (US) 26x14 TBA 12/5/2013
Survivor (US) Special Reunion Show 12/5/2013
Revenge 2x21 Truth (Part 1) 12/5/2013
Revenge 2x22 Truth (Part 2) 12/5/2013
Army Wives 7x10 Reckoning 12/5/2013
Shake It Up! 3x16 In the Bag It Up 12/5/2013
Dog With a Blog 1x15 Avery's First Crush 12/5/2013

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