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12 de maio de 2013

Calendário da Semana - 12/05/2013 até 19/05/2013

Série Episódio Nome do Episódio Data
The Cleveland Show 4x20 Mr. and Mrs. Brown 12/5/2013
Bob's Burgers 3x23 The Unnatural 12/5/2013
Once Upon A Time 2x22 And Straight On 'Til Morning 12/5/2013
Family Guy 11x20 Farmer Guy 12/5/2013
American Dad 8x19 Da Flippity Flop 12/5/2013
Game of Thrones 3x07 The Bear and the Maiden Fair 12/5/2013
One Piece 16x17 Capture Master - The Pirate Alliance's Operation Begins! 12/5/2013
Mad Men 6x07 Man with a Plan 12/5/2013
The Simpsons 24x20 The Fabulous Faker Boy 12/5/2013
The Borgias 3x05 The Wolf and the Lamb 12/5/2013
Nurse Jackie 5x05 Good Thing 12/5/2013
Veep 2x05 Helsinki 12/5/2013
Continuum 2x04 Second Skin 12/5/2013
Survivor (US) 26x14 TBA 12/5/2013
Survivor (US) Special Reunion Show 12/5/2013
Revenge 2x21 Truth (Part 1) 12/5/2013
Revenge 2x22 Truth (Part 2) 12/5/2013
Army Wives 7x10 Reckoning 12/5/2013
Shake It Up! 3x16 In the Bag It Up 12/5/2013
The Voice UK 2x08 Battle Rounds 2 12/5/2013
The Client List 2x10 What Part of No 12/5/2013
The Ultimate Fighter: Brasil 2x09 Episode 9 12/5/2013
Family Tree 1x01 The Box 12/5/2013
Rules of Engagement 7x13 100th 13/5/2013
How I Met Your Mother 8x24 Something New 13/5/2013
Castle 5x24 Watershed 13/5/2013
The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x21 First and Last 13/5/2013
Mike and Molly 3x22 School Recital 13/5/2013
Two Broke Girls 2x24 And the Window of Opportunity 13/5/2013
Hawaii Five-0 3x23 He Welo 'Oihana 13/5/2013
Defiance 1x05 The Serpent's Egg 13/5/2013
Revolution 1x17 The Longest Day 13/5/2013
90210 5x22 We All Fall Down 13/5/2013
Warehouse 13 4x13 The Big Snag 13/5/2013
The Big C 4x03 Quality of Death 13/5/2013
Bates Motel 1x09 Underwater 13/5/2013
The Voice 4x17 Top 12 Perform Live (1) 13/5/2013
Vicious 1x03 Episode 3 13/5/2013
Adventure Time 5x20 Shh! 13/5/2013
Hell's Kitchen 11x11 10 Chefs Compete / 9 Chefs Compete 13/5/2013
The Mindy Project 1x24 Take Me With You 14/5/2013
Grimm 2x21 TBA 14/5/2013
NCIS 10x24 Damned If You Do 14/5/2013
Body of Proof 3x12 Breakout 14/5/2013
New Girl 2x25 Elaine's Big Day 14/5/2013
NCIS: Los Angeles 4x24 Descent 14/5/2013
Golden Boy 1x13 Next Question 14/5/2013
Awkward 3x06 TBA 14/5/2013
Arrow 1x23 Sacrifice 15/5/2013
American Idol 12x36 Finalists Compete 15/5/2013
Criminal Minds 8x22 #6 15/5/2013
Chicago Fire 1x23 Let Her Go 15/5/2013
CSI 13x22 Skin in the Game 15/5/2013
The Middle 4x23 The Ditch 15/5/2013
Modern Family 4x23 TBA 15/5/2013
Nashville 1x20 A Picture from Life's Other Side 15/5/2013
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 14x23 TBA 15/5/2013
Psych 7x12 Psych: The Musical (1) 15/5/2013
Supernatural 8x23 Sacrifice 15/5/2013
How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) 1x07 How to Stand On Your Own Two Feet 15/5/2013
Rogue 1x08 A House Is Not a Home 15/5/2013
American Idol 12x37 Results Show 16/5/2013
The Office 9x24 TBA 16/5/2013
Men At Work 2x07 Uncle Gibbs 16/5/2013
The Big Bang Theory 6x24 The Bon Voyage Reaction 16/5/2013
Elementary 1x23 The Woman 16/5/2013
Elementary 1x24 Heroine 16/5/2013
Scandal 2x22 TBA 16/5/2013
Grey's Anatomy 9x24 Perfect Storm 16/5/2013
Hannibal 1x08 Fromage 16/5/2013
Beauty & The Beast 1x22 Never Turn Back 16/5/2013
The Vampire Diaries 4x23 Graduation 16/5/2013
The Office 9x25 TBA 16/5/2013
Anger Management 2x18 "Charlie and the Break-Up Coach 16/5/2013
Motive 1x13 The One That Got Away 16/5/2013
Big Time Rush 4x03 Big Time Lies 16/5/2013
Naruto Shippuuden 12x71 Rain Followed by Snow, With a Chance of Lightning 16/5/2013
Nikita 3x22 Til Death Do Us Part 17/5/2013
Da Vinci's Demons 1x06 The Devil 17/5/2013
Law & Order: UK 7x03 Paternal 17/5/2013
Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 2x12 The Leak... 17/5/2013
Transformers: Prime 3x05 Project Predacon 17/5/2013
Smash 2x16 TBA 18/5/2013
Doctor Who 7x13 The Name of the Doctor 18/5/2013
Orphan Black 1x08 Entangled Bank 18/5/2013
Monsters vs. Aliens 1x12 The Two Faces of Dr. Cockroach 18/5/2013
Case Closed 22x18 No Way! The UFO Crash Case 18/5/2013
The Voice UK 2x09 TBA 18/5/2013
Masterpiece Theatre 43x15 Mr. Selfridge: (Part 8) 19/5/2013
The Cleveland Show 4x21 Crazy Train 19/5/2013
The Cleveland Show 4x22 Wheel! Of! Family! 19/5/2013
Family Guy 11x21 Road to Vegas 19/5/2013
Family Guy 11x22 No Country Club For Old Men 19/5/2013
Game of Thrones 3x08 Second Sons 19/5/2013
The Borgias 3x06 Relics 19/5/2013
Army Wives 7x11 Adjustment Period 19/5/2013
The Client List 2x11 I Miss Back When 19/5/2013
The Simpsons 24x21 The Saga of Carl Carlson 19/5/2013
The Simpsons 24x22 Dangers on a Train 19/5/2013
Nurse Jackie 5x06 Walk of Shame 19/5/2013
Veep 2x06 Andrew 19/5/2013
One Piece 16x18 Destruction Crisis - The Monster of Death Flies in 19/5/2013
Mad Men 6x08 The Crash 19/5/2013
Family Tree 1x02 Treading the Boards 19/5/2013

Algumas séries demoram até 7 dias para sair legenda em português.

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  1. Na aldeia mim nao tem acesso a tv a cabo.
    cheego internet junto com caximbo da paz.
    indio gosto do calendario

  2. Gostei muito do blog de vcs... parabéns...

  3. Eu vou meter bala nesse índio pagão...
    Conheça o seu senhor jesus cristo.

  4. Eu defendo os pandas e os índios... vamos matar silvério esse monstro contra os animais.


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