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19 de maio de 2013

Calendário da Semana - 20/05/13 até 27/05/13

Série Episódio Nome do Episódio Data
Rules of Engagement 7x13 100th 20/5/2013
The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x22 When Bad Things Happen to Bad People 20/5/2013
Bates Motel 1x10 Midnight 20/5/2013
Vicious 1x04 Episode 4 20/5/2013
Rectify 1x06 Jacob's Ladder 20/5/2013
Copa Hotel 1x05 TBA 20/5/2013
Adventure Time 5x21 The Suitor 20/5/2013
The Big C 4x04 The Finale 20/5/2013
Revolution 1x18 Clue 20/5/2013
Warehouse 13 4x14 The Sky's the Limit 20/5/2013
Mike & Molly 3x23 Windy City 20/5/2013
Hawaii Five-0 3x24 Aloha, Malama Pono 20/5/2013
Defiance 1x06 Brothers in Arms 20/5/2013
The Voice 4x19 Top 10 Perform Live (1) 20/5/2013
The Goodwin Games 1x01 Pilot 20/5/2013
The Fall 1x02 Darkness Visible 20/5/2013
Let's Stay Together 3x09 TBA 21/5/2013
Grimm 2x22 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm 21/5/2013
The Voice 4x20 Top 10 Perform Live (2) 21/5/2013
Awkward 3x07 Guilt Trippin' 21/5/2013
The Middle 4x24 The Graduation 22/5/2013
Chicago Fire 1x24 A Hell of a Ride 22/5/2013
Rogue 1x09 Chasing the Dragon 22/5/2013
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 14x24 Her Negotiation 22/5/2013
Psych 7x13 Nip and Suck It 22/5/2013
Modern Family 4x24 Goodnight Gracie 22/5/2013
Nashville 1x21 I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive 22/5/2013
Criminal Minds 8x23 Brothers Hotchner 22/5/2013
Criminal Minds 8x24 The Replicator 22/5/2013
Family Tools 1x03 Beachwood Approved 22/5/2013
Men At Work 2x08 The Gibbs-orcism 23/5/2013
Rookie Blue 4x01 Surprises 23/5/2013
Anger Management 2x19 Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic 23/5/2013
Big Time Rush 4x04 Big Time Bonus 23/5/2013
Naruto Shippuuden 12x72 Sorrowful Sun Showers 23/5/2013
Conan 3x87 TBA 23/5/2013
Hell's Kitchen 11x12 8 Chefs Compete 23/5/2013
Hannibal 1x09 Trou Normand 23/5/2013
Orphan Black 1x09 Unconscious Selection 25/5/2013
The Voice UK 2x09 Battle Rounds 3 25/5/2013
Arrested Development 4x01 Michael (1) 26/5/2013
Avengers Assemble Special Special Preview 26/5/2013
Game of Thrones 3x09 The Rains of Castamere 26/5/2013
Smash 2x16 The Nominations 26/5/2013
Smash 2x17 The Tonys 26/5/2013
Hunter X Hunter (2011) 1x81 TBA 26/5/2013
The Borgias 3x07 Lucrezia's Gambit 26/5/2013
Army Wives 7x12 Damaged 26/5/2013
Continuum 2x05 Second Opinion 26/5/2013
Nurse Jackie 5x07 Teachable Moments 26/5/2013
One Piece 16x19 Big Battle · Caesar Activates his True Ability! 26/5/2013
Mad Men 6x09 The Better Half 26/5/2013
The Voice UK 2x10 Battle Rounds 4 26/5/2013
The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x23 Caught in a Trap 27/5/2013
Longmire 2x01 Unquiet Mind 27/5/2013
Adventure Time 5x22 Ice King Gives Up 27/5/2013
Revolution 1x19 Children of Men 27/5/2013
The Voice 4x21 TBA 27/5/2013
Vicious 1x05 Episode 5 27/5/2013

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