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2 de junho de 2013

Calendário da Semana - 02/06/13 até 09/06/13

Série Episódio Nome Episódio Data
Game of Thrones 3x09 The Rains of Castamere 2/6/2013
Nurse Jackie 5x08 Forget It 2/6/2013
Veep 2x07 Shutdown 2/6/2013
One Piece 16x20 The Samurai that Cuts the Fire! Kin'emon of Foxfire 2/6/2013
The Voice UK 2x12 Knockout Round 2 2/6/2013
Austin & Ally 2x15 Solos & Stray Kitties 2/6/2013
The Killing 3x01 The Jungle 2/6/2013
The Killing 3x02 That You Fear the Most 2/6/2013
Continuum 2x06 Second Truths 2/6/2013
Mad Men 6x10 TBA 2/6/2013
The Borgias 3x08 Tears of Blood 2/6/2013
Army Wives 7x12 Damaged 2/6/2013
Teen Wolf 3x01 Tattoo 3/6/2013
The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x24 Thank You And Goodbye 3/6/2013
Warehouse 13 4x15 Instinct 3/6/2013
Defiance 1x07 Goodbye Blue Sky 3/6/2013
The Client List 2x12 When I Say I Do 3/6/2013
The Fosters 1x01 Pilot 3/6/2013
Vicious 1x05 Episode 5 3/6/2013
The Goodwin Games 1x03 The Hamletta 3/6/2013
The Voice 4x23 Top 6 Perform Live (1) 3/6/2013
Revolution 1x20 The Dark Tower 3/6/2013
Longmire 2x02 Carcasses 3/6/2013
The Glades 4x02 Shot Girls 3/6/2013
The Fall 1x04 My Adventurous Song 3/6/2013
The Voice 4x24 Top 6 Perform Live (2) 4/6/2013
Awkward 3x09 Reality Check 4/6/2013
Holliston 2x02 Suicidal Tendencies 4/6/2013
How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) 1x10 How to Have a Play Date 5/6/2013
Melissa & Joey 3x02 Toxic Parents 5/6/2013
Baby Daddy 2x02 There's Something Fitchy Going On 5/6/2013
Family Tools 1x05 Waiting for Mrs. Bichette 5/6/2013
The Listener 4x02 The Blue Line 5/6/2013
Men At Work 2x10 Weekend at PJ's 6/6/2013
Burn Notice 7x01 New Deal 6/6/2013
Hannibal 1x11 Rôti 6/6/2013
Anger Management 2x21 Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study 6/6/2013
Naruto Shippuuden 12x74 Reanimation Allied Forces!! 6/6/2013
Graceland 1x01 Pilot 6/6/2013
Da Vinci's Demons 1x08 The Lovers 7/6/2013
Case Closed 22x19 The Shadow That Approaches Haibara's Secret (Part 1) 8/6/2013
The Voice UK 2x13 Live Show 1 8/6/2013
Falling Skies 3x01 On Thin Ice 9/6/2013
Game of Thrones 3x10 Mhysa 9/6/2013
Falling Skies 3x02 Collateral Damage 9/6/2013
Army Wives 7x13 All or Nothing 9/6/2013
Nurse Jackie 5x09 Heart 9/6/2013
Veep 2x08 First Response 9/6/2013
One Piece 16x21 Shock! Identity of Vergo, the Mysterious Man 9/6/2013
The Client List 2x13 Whatever It Takes 9/6/2013
Family Tree 1x04 Country Life 9/6/2013
Austin & Ally 2x16 Boy Songs & Badges 9/6/2013
Continuum 2x07 Second Degree 9/6/2013
Mad Men 6x11 TBA 9/6/2013
The Borgias 3x09 The Gunpowder Plot 9/6/2013
Good Luck Charlie 4x06 The Unusual Suspects 9/6/2013

Algumas séries demoram até 7 dias para sair legenda em português.

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